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Millenials Read Talia Jane Vs. Yelp-Life


Like all good Educators, I read articles on Facebook! This particular dialog on FB compelled me to create an Argumentative Position Assignment for my English 300: Research Writing Students. This is a relatively short activity, most finished within the allotted 50 minutes of class. The students really enjoyed being engaged in a current dialog about Millennials, since they are Millennials. Their responses were great, and the next class meeting, there was a killer discussion about wages, white-privilege, first-world privilege, and tech companies as the new data-factories.

I have included the assignment here:

Millenial Activity

Please follow the hyperlinks embedded within the file to read the relevant articles.

Interactive Lecture Post 1

Primordial Debt (Click for the MS Word Doc)

This is the lecture I delivered on the first day of classes during the Spring semester of 2016 at Western Kentucky University. The idea behind the lecture was to motivate the students by asking them what problems they want to solve. Primordial debt was a way of opening up this dialog; you solve problems because you owe it to humanity.